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About Road Relief

This is the evolution of sanitary plumbing - designed to GO, whenever you Go, and wherever you GO. That's right - this is a sanitary plumbing solution designed for those who drive for a living and don't always have the luxury to stop. Because when you have to go, you HAVE to go.

Stop less and stay on the road - and get an edge on all other professional drivers with a sanitary urinary device for truckers and other professional drivers.

This is a complete mobile PLUMBING SYSTEM and meets EPA standards + Discrete usage in the privacy of your own vehicle + Can be installed and used in almost any vehicle + Mounts clear from driving area for unobstructed driving + Completely sealed - NO spillage in vehicle or on yourself + Easy to operate and use with a one-handed operational valve + Disposable accessories include Manhoods and sanitizing solutions + Improves your health and keeps you on the road + System can hold up to 1 gallon and easily sanitarily drained + Water Conversation + Flushes with ECO Friendly Flushing Solution

The Road Relief System is also great for hunting, fishing, boating, small aircraft, tailgating, commuting to work, traveling, heavy equipment operators and NASCAR drivers.


The Road Relief sanitary urinary device is affordable and built-to-last.


With 40+ years of experience, we have an incredible reputation for quality products.


The Road Relief urinary device has been tested for strength, functionality, and durability.

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